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The Arctic is different compared to other regions. The Arctic is in its beauty just as fragile and people who enter this pristine landscape have to be aware of these natural preconditions.






My name is Adrian Braun and I am the founder of Arctic Values. It is evident that in the past two decades a development has hit the global economy and has shifted our thinking to do business. When you are promoting your products and services on the specific markets, it is necessary to take a lot more into account than business administration and clients´ needs. You have to be aware what are your clients´ passions and even beyond what are the expectations and demands of the entire stakeholder universe. In this context, there is no chance to get around the concept of sustainable development, but the good news is this concept is not a cumbersome side track of your business, it will be your tool to develop your business further, advertise your products and services and build reputation. After working in diverse multinational enterprises, implementing my background in sustainability management and corporate environmental management, I know the wide set of benefits and how a well implemented sustainability strategy vitalizes a business.

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Adrian Braun, PhD (Founder Arctic Values)


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